Say No- No to Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

These days most renowned outlets offer you a shopping bag for free for making purchases at their store. But such stores must ensure that the bags they give should be made of biodegradable material. Custom printed bags made of plastic are absolute no-no. You will be shocked to know that Americans, alone create a clutter of 100 billion plastic bags every year, and less than 4 percent are ever recycled.

custom printed bakery bags are not biodegradable. They jam waterways; litter the ocean and the landscape. Their presence in landfills pollutes the soil and water. They take more than thousand years to break down. Custom shopping bags made of plastic also threaten the lives of birds and marine fauna. These species mistake the bags floating in the ocean current for food and swallow them. Thousands die each year on account of choking hazards.


Moreover manufacturing plastic bags requires millions of gallons of petroleum. So they eat upon our non-renewable source of energy that can be used for transportation or heating.

Many businesses have completely stopped offering plastic bags to their customers. They offer bags made of natural fiber. Many cities across the globe are enacting laws to see an end to the use of plastic bags. Los Angeles passed a law last year to proscribe the use of plastic bags.

custom printed shopping bags can be replaced with reusable shopping bags made from renewable materials. These bags also look stylish and comfortable and are available in a variety of sizes and materials.

If you are a responsible citizen and end us using plastic bags once in a while, then ensure that you send them for recycling. There are grocery stores that collect plastic bags for recycling. If you don’t find one, look out for your community recycling program to know how to recycle plastic bags in your locality.

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