Make Your Home and Lawn Warm and Cozy with Masonry Fireplaces


Masonry fireplace are entirely made of bricks, blocks or stone and mortar. These are traditional fireplaces with massive structures that could weigh between 6 and 7 tons! They sooth your aesthetic sensibilities when built in your living rooms and are durable.

If maintained properly, they can literally give you a lifetime of service. Being massive, these fireplaces need a broad footing to support the bulk structure. If not constructed with elaborate structure, it will shift and crack, letting the fire reach the nearby combustibles. You should pay particular attention to chimney of such fireplace.  The chimney is exposed to the seasonal cycle. It is worth having a quality chimney cover as it will keep the crown in good state. You can also go for waterproofing treatment of the chimney

These days’ outdoor fireplaces are in vogue. Outdoor masonry fireplace are both convenient and easy to install. But you need to consider certain criteria of space and budget to have one. You can build an outdoor hearth yourself, if you have a little well-versed with masonry. But always consult a professional when you do so.

First of all a large garden or lawn is needed to build an outdoor fire place. There are different styles and designs of outdoor fireplaces. You can go for one tailored to the look and space of our outdoor area. There are ones where the chimney has a base that is molded like a bowl. This kind is quite useful for collecting the rubbish. Besides the design you have many options in raw material as well. Outdoor hearths could be made of clay, metal and so on. Clay is preferred over others as they can survive high temperature. Metallic ones can catch rust over time. Moreover, clay is cheap and durable so that serves as an added bonus. Fireplace masonry service provider will give you a broad idea of one that will best suit your lawn. Thebest fireplace masonry service provider cans be reached by looking for ones over the internet.

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