Garage Door Repair NJ – On Types Of Door Closers


We are given a lot of choices in almost everything we have today.  That holds true for our choice of soft drink to our choice of garage doors and garage door openers.  The complexity of the mechanisms that give us so much to choose from also leads to calls for the services of highly specialized garage door repair NJ technicians.  Most of us laymen can only do basic maintenance and have to entrust the rest to qualified garage door repair Wayne NJ technicians.

Most of us know the choices offered when it comes to garage doors.  There are wooden garage doors, those made of steel, vinyl, composite, aluminum and a few other materials.  There were a whole lot of designs to choose from that we had a hard time finding one we want which also matches our home’s features. We were even given choices as to type of paint, color, and type of finish.  What many of us don’t know are the types of garage door openers available and the differences in each.

There are only three basic types of door opening mechanisms to choose from and these are: screw driven, chain driven, and belt driven.  Available models for any type have passed the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.   Though all three raise and lower, open and close garage doors just the same, NJ garage door repair technicians will tell you there are differences in performance as well as price.

Belt driven garage door openers use a rubber belts to open and close the garage door.  Belt driven garage door openers are the quietest since the use of belts eliminate metal-to-metal contact.  They are also the most expensive type.

The most common type of garage door opener is the chain type, which uses a chain attached to a metal trolley to open and close the door.  This type is the most affordable, but also the noisiest type of garage door openers.  Models which hide the chain make less noise during operation.

Screw driven openers have few moving parts and are quieter than chain operated ones.  They are slightly more expensive than chain operated garage door openers.

In the end, what you choose should reflect your preferences (noise level tolerance) and the size of your budget.  There are qualified technicians for garage door repair northern NJ to maintain them for you.

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