The Number 1 Fastest Growing Company in Baltimore is an IT company

With a population of more than 600 000, Baltimore is number 26 on the top 30 most populated states in the US. But even though their population is not as huge as New York City’s or Los Angeles’ or even Chicago’s, Baltimore is still a breeding ground for hundreds, even thousands of businesses.

There are all types of businesses in Baltimore. Just like any other state, there are normal companies like food and beverage, technology and fashion. But there are also unique businesses like a lacrosse equipment producing company. What makes it so unique is that it’s the biggest lacrosse equipment producing company in the whole country.

Now, looking at the top 10 fastest-growing companies in Baltimore, it is no surprise that 50% of them are IT Company Mtextbox since we now live in the technology era. But it is definitely a surprise knowing that the number 1 is a tech company. Since banks and food and beverage companies are a definite huge seller in the country in general.

But before looking into that number 1 company, let’s take a look at the 4 other IT companies who made it to the top 10:

Edge Hosting. Established in 1998, Edge Hosting focuses on managed hosting like cloud, hybrid, dedicated and clustered. For the past 3 years, they have a constant increased growth rate of more than 100%.

Mindgrub Technology has recently debuted last 2009 but they landed the 8th spot because they’ve made $4 million sales in 2014 alone. This company specializes on mobile apps, social apps and web apps for different types of companies.

SplendTek is a company that’s been on this industry for 7 years now. They offer consulting, software services and outsourcing for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications from their clients all over the world.

Arch Systems. A company that provides IT services for healthcare providers. They cover staffing, setting up data reviews and other technologically related healthcare processes. They primarily help hospitals but they also help out government offices and public schools.

And now for the number 1 fastest-growing company in Balitmore:

CG Phones. Guess this isn’t much of a surprise since everyone has a phone, sometimes even two or three and everyone is trying to find the best carrier that is out there. But this company is a little bit different though. This company focuses on the smartphone repair industry. Maybe they also figured out that a lot of people get so careless sometimes that they break their phones and they just made a business out of them. What they do is that they buy used, not necessarily broken phones, then they do repairs, recondition it, and basically makes it good as new. They take all types of smartphones except for iPhones. CG Phones have a three-year growth rate of 927% They also made $7.2 million last 2014. This company skyrocketed to success by simply observing and adapting the lifestyle of the people in this technology era.

Four Reasons Why You Need Managed Service Provider

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a server to which a company or enterprise has offloaded all of its IT operations that it may run them automatically. It is said to be efficient and reliable and is a trend that is predicted to make its way in to almost every company in a few coming years. This is because it tremendously improves businesses. Here are reasons why companies may need MSP marketing ideas:  

Marketing word cloud

l The biggest benefit and reason why enterprises need MSPs is because of its proficiency in detecting problems early and attempting to deal with them. Managed service providers provide services such as active monitoring of activities on the network, managing patch programs and ensuring that desktop activities have been optimized. All that is needed is a consistent reliable network connections and boom! Operations become automatized and smooth. Since the network is being monitored at all times, potential threats can be uncovered early and dealt with properly. This prevents the fire rather than fighting it.

l In the current model, one would need to expand the number of software and install them in every system in the case that the hardware range is expanded. It amounts to an increased expense just to get software for each system. This problem is eradicated by MSPs as they centralize the software. This makes it accessible from any device and goes a long way to loosen expenses as a software that could serve on system may be able to serve three, or ten, or even twenty. The benefit is not only with the expense but also expansion of the hardware resources that support the software becomes easy.

l From the perspective of how the cost of MSPs compare to that of traditional ways, one may think that the former would likely cost more. A thorough look at both systems would reveal that the contrary is true. Traditional systems needed the company that provide the software to be onsite in case the product beaks down and needs to be fixed. Security issues that may arise from unknown sources would need to be solved physically by a technician. Comparing this to MSPs where software is trouble shoot and resolved remotely, downtime is heavily reduced. This makes it cheaper for the managing company to provide the service hence making it cheaper for the consumer too.

l Still on the ease of fixing problems, most companies and enterprises today cannot afford to halt operations just because of a system has broken down. The situation worsens if parts of the system comes from different suppliers. A reliable IT system therefore needs to be put in place and this is where MSPs come into play. With MSPs, one doesn’t need something to go wrong before it is fixed. This is so because since the network monitors itself, it is able to notice anything that may likely cause havoc and deal with it. This saves the company time, money, and ensures that resources are fully utilized as systems don’t break down any easily.

It is clear that the benefits that MSPs bear heavily outweighs what may even be its major disadvantage. The future of enterprises rely in adapting this technology.

Data Recovery Companies in Edmonton can Now Immunize your Data from Ransomware

If you have been in front of a computer struck with any strand of the ransomware making waves on news sites nowadays, chances are you don’t want to see it again. Scary as they may be, there are people working around the clock to disinfect the computers that get attacked and even making preparations standard for when attacks happen, almost inevitably. But unlike the first days when all a company could do after being hit was pay the requested bitcoins, the age of processing ransom is near its demise.

From the string of attacks waged on organizations recently, a few characteristics can be traced and recognized once you take a step back from the bigger picture. The most smelly theme being that no discrimination is paid to the victims; hospitals and regular business as well as innocent individual computer users were all in the crosshairs of the hackers. This makes 2016 a year of equal risk for computer users, hackers know that without resistance, they can get away with the millions that are paid collectively in a day just so the attacks can be reversed.

As most specialists  in data recovery Edmonton has in large supply have come to notice, the most prevalent attacks have a huge toll on the data on hard drives and servers of the organization. This makes a low time difference backup strategy the most effective immunization method. Inoculating this strategy across all applications used by the company ensures that an attack is treated as any other normal computer crushing event by support personnel.

Cloud services have the best model to keep a company active after an attack. The attacks made across the networks of the victims so far have a knack of encrypting all the data in the reach of the network, which could involve servers and external devices connected thereof. The cloud model and clever automation of tasks such as regular backups has made the sanitation of computers in preparation of any attack very successful. When attacked, companies can recover quickly by accessing all their data as quickly as they lost it and before downtime starts eating into productivity of the company they are allowed to continue from where they left off.

The creative companies that handle support and data recovery Edmonton is in dire need of, have created the required applications that allow even entry level support to crack the attacks crippling organizations the world over. Sometimes the data analyzed after curing a computer from an attack would have lost it’s integrity, making having a copy of the data that a company requires a prerequisite. In the worst cases, companies that have had their systems attacked and not have a plan in place to recover as quickly as possible when that happens have come close to closing their business. Although 2016 started with attackers demanding 17 to 20 thousand dollars ransom, and people complying, there is no limit to what they could ask for in the near future.

Managed IT services Edmonton seeks the most in 2016

Unlike the years passed, 2016 has not seen an easy and optimistic start for most IT based operations. If the competition for clients is not choking companies to strive for a breathe of air above previous targets, the scare of losing their company to attackers is enough to give Managed IT services in Edmonton a tough show for their reported billions on earnings. As companies increase in productivity and the demand for their services spike, they are turning to managed IT services providers, from which we were able to compile the specific Managed IT services in Edmonton requires.

managed service

There is no debate, technology has penetrated business and homes to the extent that running either fronts without the aid of smart computational devices is betting against an obvious win. Security is a dominant theme and has caused more companies to line up for end user management services from Managed IT services Edmonton has. The number of options made available by the advancing technology make it a lot more difficult for companies to manage their own hardware with security standards that will stand the test of time.

The core business of some managed services providers has been shifted towards cyber security as more news headlines warn of the soon to happen scourge of ransomware attacks that are scheduled to smite the business world in the near future. Managed It services Edmonton has are now more prepared to handle the encrypting and crippling attacks of ransomware, claiming to have cracked and reversed the bad effects of such malware.

Because data is the main element that businesses open doors to process and give off more units of the product, there is an increasing need for more reliable storage silos for enhanced data manipulation and recovery in the event of disruptive events. The recent case of an entrepreneur in the IT field of business who erased all the files that his clients had entrusted him with and effectively a client show the importance of having multiple copies available to start from when such unfortunate events do occur. With the aid of managed IT services Edmonton has developed around business entities, it is less likely that a company loses their entire data libraries to any form of mishap. It clearly makes data storage and backup management a service in demand from self aware companies.

Every company has a website as well as a robust email service that forms the main communication channel with leads and even internally. This is why there are more than 50 options for companies to pick a managed IT service provider that compliments their specific requirements and ushers them into new levels of productivity and earnings. Hosting of websites and other applications that are used on an enterprise wide model has seen revolutionary levels of convenience across the companies that adopted the services from the managed IT service providers dotted across Edmonton. Book keeping applications and others being offered as services to companies have opened these companies to new business horizons.

Wholesale Upholstery Supplies – Offer Lots of Convenience

the largest manufacturer of wholesale upholstery supplies

Upholsterers and furniture manufacturers are not too keen on spending a lot of time sourcing for materials and supplies that they need.  In fact, they are always looking for ways to improve their efficiency without sacrificing the quality of the work that they do.  For upholsterers and furniture manufacturers, companies which offer wholesale upholstery supplies provide a lot of convenience.  A few of the ways big companies selling upholstery supplies wholesale benefit manufacturers and upholsterers are as follows:


a)       They offer a complete line of upholstery supplies in one place.  This is very convenient for manufacturers as they now only have to deal with one supplier instead of separate suppliers for each type of upholstery supply they need.  Big upholstery suppliers carry a complete line of upholstery supplies; is a good example of one such company.  They manufacture pillows, pillow inserts and feather down pillow fillings.  They also supply a large variety of decorative nails, decorative furniture legs, polyester fiber filling, Dacron wrapping sheets, and different types of upholstery foam.  Aside from all those, they sell tools supplies like needles, threads, buttons, casters, shears, webbing, fabrics, and almost anything that a company involved in upholstery would want.

b)       Most companies selling upholstery supplies wholesale have websites.  This allows their buyers to look for whatever items they may need at any time of the day and any day of the week.  Ordering is simplified through a choice of online ordering, email, telephone call, or fax transmissions.   When using online shopping carts buyers of upholstery supplies see a running total of the items they have on order, thus giving them more control over their expenditures.

c)       While browsing through all the items available through companies selling upholstery supplies wholesale, you will find information about all their products.  The websites contain such information as what material the item is made of, its mechanical properties, safety information, and recommendations on how each item can best be utilized.  This provides the buyer a lot of help in deciding which item he really needs to buy for each type of upholstery job he has orders for.  Some wholesale suppliers are well qualified to provide product specifics as they also manufacture items; Ronco is one of the largest manufacturer of wholesale upholstery supplies.

d)       As there are many companies offering upholstery supplies wholesale through their websites, it is easy for buyers to compare product features, prices, purchase terms and conditions, speed and cost of delivery, etc.  For this reason an internet connection, a bit of time and several clicks are all a buyer needs to be able to find the right material supplier, the best bargain or the company best able to deliver the materials he wants when he needs them.


Because of the many conveniences of dealing with companies selling upholstery supplies on wholesale basis, many member of organizations such as the American Home Furnishings Alliance are satisfied clients of such companies.  These are good reasons why your upholstery or furniture manufacturing company stand to benefit from buying upholstery supplies wholesale.

Condo Plumbing Can Be Tricky

condo association plumbing cured in place pipe cost estimate

Some simple plumbing problems can be handled by homeowners themselves.  And in cases when plumbing problems are beyond the capability of common homeowners, one can always plumber to go fix it.  All of those things are true, unless one happens to live in a condo; condo plumbing is very much different from single home plumbing.

What complicates plumbing in condo units is that many units share a water system, and multiple units may share the same shut-off and supply valves.  That generally means that whenever there is a fault that needs fixing in one unit, the supply for many condo units or even the whole condo may have to be interrupted.  Usual condo rules require that all plumbing repairs be coordinated with the homeowners’ association.

Having to go through the condo homeowners association to schedule plumbing repair on your unit usually means you have no control over when it will happen.    The homeowner and the plumber will have to make themselves available when condo homeowners association allows the repairs to happen.  Nobody can unilaterally decide to fix anything in the condo association plumbing system.

Because many families are affected each time something in the plumbing system needs to be repaired, people and plumbing contractors are always on the lookout for technologies which would reduce downtime.  One of the technologies used, especially for larger bore piping systems is the use of cured in place pipe.  This method is especially effective for drain and sewage piping repairs.

For pipes with .1 meter to 2.8 meter bore, the installation of a pipe liner allows repair of damaged sections of pipe without having to excavate and physically replace pipe sections.  What they do is install an epoxy pipe liner which is left to cure.  The inflatable bladder used to set the liner tight against the old pipe’s walls is then removed.  This significantly reduces the repair time because little or no excavation is required; there’s also no pipe removal and replacement.

The use of pipe liner technology also results in considerable cost savings which you can easily quantify by asking for a cured in place pipe cost estimate.  You can then also ask another plumbing company to provide an estimate for conventional pipe replacement.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference in cost.  And of course, asking a condo homeowners association for a shorter repair window makes it more likely it will be approved sooner.

There are also epoxy pipe lining technologies available for small bore pipes.  Instead of using liners installed through the use of inflatable bladders, liquid epoxy is sprayed on pipe internal surfaces to repair pinholes, cracks and other types of damage.

Because condo owners share the same plumbing system, they also share disruptions.  That generally means they need to have licensed plumbers working on their pipes – handymen won’t do.  Damage unqualified people may do will make the disruption unacceptable.  There are many trade organizations such as the Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario who can provide a list of professionally certified plumbers.

Living in a condo involves being mindful of others who share the same resources.  It would help to keep the name of a good plumbing contractor handy.

Garage Door Repair NJ – On Types Of Door Closers


We are given a lot of choices in almost everything we have today.  That holds true for our choice of soft drink to our choice of garage doors and garage door openers.  The complexity of the mechanisms that give us so much to choose from also leads to calls for the services of highly specialized garage door repair NJ technicians.  Most of us laymen can only do basic maintenance and have to entrust the rest to qualified garage door repair Wayne NJ technicians.

Most of us know the choices offered when it comes to garage doors.  There are wooden garage doors, those made of steel, vinyl, composite, aluminum and a few other materials.  There were a whole lot of designs to choose from that we had a hard time finding one we want which also matches our home’s features. We were even given choices as to type of paint, color, and type of finish.  What many of us don’t know are the types of garage door openers available and the differences in each.

There are only three basic types of door opening mechanisms to choose from and these are: screw driven, chain driven, and belt driven.  Available models for any type have passed the requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.   Though all three raise and lower, open and close garage doors just the same, NJ garage door repair technicians will tell you there are differences in performance as well as price.

Belt driven garage door openers use a rubber belts to open and close the garage door.  Belt driven garage door openers are the quietest since the use of belts eliminate metal-to-metal contact.  They are also the most expensive type.

The most common type of garage door opener is the chain type, which uses a chain attached to a metal trolley to open and close the door.  This type is the most affordable, but also the noisiest type of garage door openers.  Models which hide the chain make less noise during operation.

Screw driven openers have few moving parts and are quieter than chain operated ones.  They are slightly more expensive than chain operated garage door openers.

In the end, what you choose should reflect your preferences (noise level tolerance) and the size of your budget.  There are qualified technicians for garage door repair northern NJ to maintain them for you.

Make Your Home and Lawn Warm and Cozy with Masonry Fireplaces


Masonry fireplace are entirely made of bricks, blocks or stone and mortar. These are traditional fireplaces with massive structures that could weigh between 6 and 7 tons! They sooth your aesthetic sensibilities when built in your living rooms and are durable.

If maintained properly, they can literally give you a lifetime of service. Being massive, these fireplaces need a broad footing to support the bulk structure. If not constructed with elaborate structure, it will shift and crack, letting the fire reach the nearby combustibles. You should pay particular attention to chimney of such fireplace.  The chimney is exposed to the seasonal cycle. It is worth having a quality chimney cover as it will keep the crown in good state. You can also go for waterproofing treatment of the chimney

These days’ outdoor fireplaces are in vogue. Outdoor masonry fireplace are both convenient and easy to install. But you need to consider certain criteria of space and budget to have one. You can build an outdoor hearth yourself, if you have a little well-versed with masonry. But always consult a professional when you do so.

First of all a large garden or lawn is needed to build an outdoor fire place. There are different styles and designs of outdoor fireplaces. You can go for one tailored to the look and space of our outdoor area. There are ones where the chimney has a base that is molded like a bowl. This kind is quite useful for collecting the rubbish. Besides the design you have many options in raw material as well. Outdoor hearths could be made of clay, metal and so on. Clay is preferred over others as they can survive high temperature. Metallic ones can catch rust over time. Moreover, clay is cheap and durable so that serves as an added bonus. Fireplace masonry service provider will give you a broad idea of one that will best suit your lawn. Thebest fireplace masonry service provider cans be reached by looking for ones over the internet.

Custom Home Builders Oakville – Tips For Great Bathrooms

trusted luxury custom home renovations builders in oakville

The bathroom is associated with the things we have to do to keep clean and rid our bodies of waste.  It occupies just a small portion of the home and can be quite basic or be very luxurious.  Custom home builders Oakville build and renovate baths to match their clients’ requirements.  The choices begin with the very basic features like a loo, a washbasin and a shower stall.  Trusted custom home builders in Oakville have come to realize that the concept of a perfect bath can vary greatly from one client to the next.

Building contractors, some of whom are members of the Ontario Home Builders Association who have done their share of home renovations Oakville offer a few tips for building great bathrooms:

a)       Consider the amount of space available and design your renovation to fit.  Many people want bathtubs installed as part of a bath renovation.  It may not always be practical or may even be impossible in very small spaces.  One compromise one can make is to have a combination bathtub and shower, which should take up just about the same space as the original shower.  Other fittings such as sinks or double sinks, walk-in showers, and large cabinets are affected by the availability of space.

b)       The more cabinets and shelve you can reasonably fit in the better.  You will need to store toiletries, towels, and even bath cleaning implements somewhere.   Even just the use of a simple shower caddy can be a big help.  Also consider the number of people expected to use the bath.  Baths in master bedrooms, for example, may not need as much storage space.  The only part of the house that really needed a space of its own is the garage, which garage door repair nj can take care of fully.

c)       Let the bath appointments and design of the tiles reflect your personality.  Tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, surfaces and colors – use them to create a design that contains your favorite colors and themes.  The styles and level of luxury should also match your preferences.

d)       Invest in high quality hardware, such as shower heads, faucets, and cabinet pulls that look good and are durable.

When luxury custom home renovations in Oakville involve baths, just remember that they should also mirror your personality and preferences just like any other part of the home.

BMW Service Toronto – Masters Of Their Craft

brand new bmw parts service center in toronto

When you are dealing with a BMW you are dealing with a masterpiece of car engineering, a vehicle that represents the best the present has to offer.  In many ways BMW’s also offer us a glimpse of the future of motor cars as they are fond of pioneering the use of technology that is far ahead of its time.  It is the first company to offer cars that can locate a horizontal parking space and park on its own, for example.

This dedication to high quality and performance has led BMW owners to become a much pampered lot indeed.  They have been pampered to the point where they expect the best in their cars, and also from the people they entrust their cars’ maintenance and repairs to.  This puts pressure on the men and women who make up the BMW service Toronto team to be at their best all of the time.

The high expectations of their clients and the pressure of meeting or exceeding them have made the people who man the BMW service center in Toronto to strive for mastery of their craft.  Judging by the very few complaints against BMW services they have succeeded.  The BMW service team would not cause any headaches for the Automobile Protection Association.

They easily find the cause of your car’s problems by using modern diagnostic tools supplied by the manufacturer.  Then they bring to bear specialized tools and equipment to correct whatever problem they find.  Should the solution to your car’s problem involve busted parts, the BMW service center has a lot of genuine BMW parts Toronto in stock.  Fast diagnosis, highly trained technicians, specialized tools and an abundance of brand new BMW parts Toronto translate to reliable maintenance and repair services with a fast turnaround time.

BMW repair shop technicians are not allowed to rest in their laurels.  They undergo periodic training updates to keep them at pace with the latest and best in car maintenance and repair technologies.

The BMW owners in Toronto can rest assured that whenever they bring their cars for servicing at their dealer’s, they are entrusting them to technicians who have fully mastered their craft.